Industrial Innovation: The Invention Of Conveyors

Prior to the industrial innovation, a working person is lucky to have one or two shirts simply because creating a single cloth will take a person’s whole life in spinning its fabric. It is just one example of how slow and hard life could be hundreds of years ago. But today, we live in a world that is so full of products. And this is because of the fast innovation in the manufacturing industry. The machines have a lot to do with these modernizations and it makes hard for us to imagine what life is like before machines.

In this article, we are going to learn about conveyors which is one of the greatest products of the industry’s evolution. People overtime thought of things that can speed up any certain process to make the way of a faster and more convenient production of materials, products, merchandises and supplies which are all crucial in people’s lives. Again, the conveyor is one of them. A lot of questions can be lingering in your mind right now. To help you understand what a conveyor is and to give you a brief summary of its history, please continue reading.

What Is A Conveyor And When Did It Started?

The conveyor is a mechanical device that moves and carries products and stuff to fasten the transportation and make it possible to transfer the huge amount of things from one place to another. Conveyors are very useful especially when it comes to transporting heavy and bulky materials in a very organized and safe manner. Therefore the risk of getting back, knee and shoulder injuries from manpower is greatly lessened.

Thomas Robins invented the first conveyor. It was 200 years ago when the first conveyor has been developed. There were sources pointing at the year 1795 which is merely in the 18th century when the first ever conveyor has been created. These are the primitive conveyor belts which are consisted of leather belts running over wooden beds. Unlike the conveyors that we know and use today, the primitive conveyor belts were powered with hand cranks. Later on, a series of pulleys were added to fasten the machine’s function. The first ever conveyor belt was used to transport the farmer’s goods onto ships at port and later on was developed and conveyors have been used to carry the bigger load of coals, ores, and other products.

More About Conveyors

Conveyors play a great role in the manufacturing industries. Industrial companies have taken so much advantage from these machines. Today, the innovation of conveyors have paved the way to creating different types of conveyors which can be used even in our houses. Yes, you ready it right. There are so many types of conveyor machines and one of them can be used in your very own home to hustle things up. Today, conveyors are being used throughout the modern industrial areas. All people would surely agree that conveyor systems continue to save companies from the large amount of time, effort and money.

Important Things To Remember

Despite the clear benefits of conveyors, the risk is still there. Records have shown a high number of serious injuries and fatalities caused by defective conveyors. Usually, these accidents happen in construction companies that work on the quarry, retail, warehousing and food processing. A defective conveyor, however, can be easily noticed. Its users must know the conveyor safety features.